1. We will write to the other party to invite them to use mediation to resolve your dispute, whilst highlighting the benefits of agreeing to do so.
  2. We can include a ‘without prejudice’ offer from you in its communication, if you wish to present one at this stage (if so, you will need to provide this to us for submission). 
  3. We will advise you how the other party respond.
  4. If the other party does not respond within 10 working days or does not wish to mediate, JWF Mediation will issue you with a formal record that you tried to mediate your dispute. This you can show to a Court to demonstrate that you acted reasonably by trying to mediate your dispute; any refusal by the other party to mediate can result in the Court penalising the other party for unreasonable behaviour.
  5. The fee for using this service is just £25 (no VAT applicable).

Please note: If you are a consumer in dispute with a UK trader please read more             before using the Invitation to Mediate service.