Caught in a conflict?

JWF mediation can mediate your dispute for you swiftly, in a confidential and constructive environment and help you to reach settlement much more cost-effectively than entering into (or continuing with) legal proceedings; thus freeing you from the risks and associated stress of legal action.

An impartial, professionally trained mediator will facilitate negotiation and explore all possible solutions for settlement in a structured format. In the process, offers can be made without impacting what happens if the dispute should eventually be resolved in court. Participants have their chance to be heard without the formal constraints of a courtroom and at all times stay in control of the possible outcome. The smoothing out of personal conflicts and overcoming obstacles to resolution are common and results are achieved that satisfy all participants; results which, in many cases, are beyond the power of lawyers and the courts to achieve.

Suitable for many types of dispute:  

The adaptable and conciliatory nature of mediation means that it’s suitable for all sorts of civil proceedings, such as:

Breach of contract

Landlord and tenant

Boundary & other property disputes


Intellectual Property

Neighbour disputes

Personal Injury

Consumer disputes

Small claims

A civil claim is made by an individual and so he or she may settle the dispute by any means they wish. The civil courts firmly encourage settlement by mediation. Choosing not to mediate – or to introduce it only late in legal proceedings – can result in legal costs being unrecoverable by either party. 

Invitation to Mediate Service. A case can be referred to mediation at any stage before or during litigation or arbitration.  Any party can propose using mediation and the earlier it takes place the greater the savings. Why not use JWF’s Invitation to Mediate Service?

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