Workplace mediation

Personality clashes       Stress      Workload      Poor line management      Dishonesty       Lack of role clarity          

     Harassment      Bullying      Discrimination     Clash of values        Poor leadership         Warring egos

Above are the common causes of conflict in the workplace that can be resolved using Workplace Mediation techniques. It is most suitable where there is a current and likely ongoing employment relationship, but where less formal discussions have failed.

Workplace Mediation varies from commercial and employment mediation in emphasis, dynamics, procedure and resulting agreement so it is advisable to appoint a mediator with specific training in this area, such as JWF Mediation,

The aim is to find a solution to the immediate problem and protect the future relationship so that they – and the company – can get back to business.

Employment mediation

 Pay and bonuses    Company restructuring      Harassment      Victimisation        Board level disputes

      Unfair and wrongful dismissal        Flexible working arrangements        Discrimination      TUPE

Employment Mediation is used when an employee, or former employee, and an employer are in a legal dispute and they wish to negotiate a compromise agreement. Above are some of the common employment disputes addressed using mediation.

Whilst taking the format of a standard commercial mediation, employment mediations are usually set up by external legal advisors and involve lawyers and their fees, 

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