If you are a consumer in dispute with a UK trader you should first complain to the trader directly, using their own complaints procedure. 

Traders in some sectors are obligated – through the terms of their Trade Association membership or by government regulations – to try Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods to resolve disputes. Mediation is now recognised as one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways of resolving a dispute and is the most common form of ADR

If your dispute concerns a public service, an Ombudsman scheme is likely to exist to investigate and try to resolve the dispute for you. A list of the main Ombudsman services can be found on the AdviceUK website.

If you still need assistance with your complaint, please do get in touch.


As always with mediation, if you choose to mediate your dispute, you can still take further court action if you do not reach an agreeable solution through the mediation process.


Online Purchase dispute?  

The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform was established for the resolution of disputes arising from online transactions between consumers and traders across the EU. For further information on how to submit a complaint on the ODR platform, visit the Or contact the ODR contact point on 0345 608 9579 or by email